Answers to the most commonly asked Questions. If you’ve got another question, you can ask it here as well.

Who makes all the LEGO models I see at BrickSlopes?

Lego Models seen at the show are generally created by Lego hobbyists. These ideas and execution of these are their own ideas. A few models are owned by the show, and make recurrign apearances, but even these were created by hobbyists.

How can I get my creation into the show?

Display space at the show is reserved for VIB pass holders. These can be purchased on our ticketing page here, which gives more information about the passes, and what is included along with each one.

Can I buy models shown at the show?

The majority of the models shown at the show are owned by their creators, as such whether or not they are for sale, and what they cost, is completely at the discretion of the model builders. In general Mot people find that the models show are significant more expensive than the sets produced by LEGO.

What is the difference between a public and a VIB pass?

VIB passes are intended for adults and teenagers who make and create their own LEGO models and are interested in participating in a convention type experience with other LEGO enthusiasts. As such it has access to exclusive Games and activities that may be daunting to the general public.

Public passes are intended for the general public, and includes access to the games and activities that generally appeal to a broader audience, who enjoy LEGO, but don’t consider it their main Hobby. Activities include:
The Brick Pit Build Area
LEGO Car Races
Minifig Trading
Mini Kit Hunt (seek and find activity)
Moc Displays
Minifig Trading
Lego Fire Walk
Star Wars Fly-In Display