BrickSlopes – A LEGO Fan Event Public EXPO AUG 27th & 28th

O® Fan Event returns to the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy Utah for 2021

Join us as we celebrate All things LEGO. This year’s event will feature special guest from seasons 1, and 2 of FOX’s LEGO Masters, as well as virtual appearances from The Lego House, and LEGO’s Design Team. 

If you need more fun with LEGO® Bricks, See all the custom creations, by AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO®) builders. featuring 24,000 sq. ft. of custom creations featuring fan favorites such as Space, Star Wars®, DC Comics®, medieval castles knights, trains, city layouts and more. All 100% Kragle Free!

Have A brickn’ good time with one of a kind activities utilizing LEGO® Bricks where you can:

  • Build and Play in the BrickPit™, expanded to over One Million LEGO® bricks and pieces. Use the pieces to create your own creations, and display it, to be entered in our raffle to win daily LEGO® Sets.
  • Build your own customized race car, and challenge your friends to a race on the track.
  • Attempt the Brick Fire Walk – 40′ of LEGO® Bricks to torture you and your friend’s feet with.
  • Vandalize the “Graffiti” Wall.
  • Take Your Mini-fig Portrait at the Portrait wall.
  • Find 20 of the hidden Mini-Kits and Enter to Win our Mini-Kit Prize package.
  • Guess the Number of LEGO® Bricks and pieces in the container, closest guess wins.
  • Bring a LEGO® fig from home, or buy one at the event, then trade with others to complete your collection.
  • One of a Kind Vendors: Retired and Hard to Find LEGO Sets. One of a kind accessories, art, clothes, and custom mini-figures*.
  • Attend Presentations from builders of this year’s best creations, about their creations, Their ideas, failures, and successes that made their imaginations a reality.

Please note, that in our efforts to keep everyone safe, BrickSlopes will enforce the latest guidance from the CDC, as well as state and local health departments, If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to these guidelines, please plan to join us another year.  We thank you for your co-operation.

*BrickSlopes respects the intellectual property of IP rights holders. Vendors are not permitted to sell or display products or services which violate the IP rights of others. Additionally, BrickSlopes is a LEGO® fan event, there are no products from competing brick buiding systems on display or for sale at BrickSlopes Events.

7 thoughts on “About”

    1. No, they may be any theme you want. Mocs are judged based on the quality of the build, so neither the theme or any other factor should be considered.

  1. Will there be lots of lego displays for children? I’m wondering if this would be a fun activity to bring grandchildren……yes or no?

    1. Yes. The event is comprised of two parts. A VIB event which is primarily intended for hardcore Teen and Adult LEGO fans, as well as a public expo. The public Expo includes a number of games and activities which appeal to lego fans of all ages. Displays are built by the Fan attendees, and show cased for public. They vary from intricate small builds to eyepopping large builds.

    1. No,
      Creations from the Brick Pit are displayed for a short period, before they are broken down for others to build with.

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