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Susan Earls

Season 2 Contestant on LEGO Masters

Before being a contestant on Season 2 of FOX’s LEGO Masters, Susan was an avid LEGO Fan. She is a member of ULUG, her local LEGO Fan club. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, building LEGO trains, and avoiding meat. She is the Vegan Brickster.



Instagram: @LEGOMomof2

Samuel Hatmaker

LEGO Masters Season 1 Contestant Samuel Hatmaker

Samuel Hatmaker grew up in rural Michigan, spent two decades in New York City, and now resides in Los Angeles.

For years he’s designed and developed children’s toys for Marvel, DC, Hello Kitty, Nickelodeon, Disney, Crayola, Mattel, Hasbro and many more. In addition to his professional work, he creates dolls, action figures, costumes, prop pieces, lamps and LEGO art.

Samuel has been a LEGO fan all his life. Throughout his childhood he built houses and spaceships, mostly. His recent LEGO works include minifigures, articulated characters, busts and the Golden Girls LEGO Set — the most supported set in LEGO Ideas history.

His portrait series “Chicks With Bricks” combines pop icons and LEGO bricks, two major influences. He is especially drawn to the spectacle of big business fabricating fun.

In 2020, Sam appeared as a contestant on the first season of LEGO Masters, a reality format building competition show.  The show aired on FOX and was the first US version based on the UK and Australian show.  He was partnered with Jessica Ragzy Ewud.





twitter: @SamuelHatmaker1

Boone Langston

LEGO Master’s Season 1 Contestant Boone Langston

Boone Langston is an independent LEGO designer and influencer from Troutdale, Oregon. His mission is to inspire creativity through engaging experiences across multimedia. Boone was a finalist on Season One of LEGO Masters USA. He continues to engage fans of LEGO through self-produced content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, his home grown virtual build camps, and at He is also a committed husband and father of two girls. When not creating with LEGO, Boone loves to sing and make music.


Instagram: @boonebuilds




Mark Cruickshank

Mark Cruickshank Special Guest Announcement

Mark Cruickshank is a construction worker, and independent LEGO builder from Oregon City, Oregon. A LEGO enthusiast growing up, Mark rediscovered his passion for building in 2014 and has won multiple major awards at Pacific Northwest conventions. Mark was a finalist in Season One of LEGO Masters USA, and continues to engage the LEGO community through Instagram and LEGO fan events. When not creating with LEGO, Mark enjoys woodworking, found object art, and spending time with close friends and family.


Instagram: @mecruickshank


LEGO Masters Season 2 contestant Michael Kanemoto (MOTO)

Moto is a LEGO artist from Denver, CO and member of DENLUG.  He exited his Dark Ages in 2016 by restoring sets found at thrift stores. A year later made his first MoC and has continued building to this day. His builds have been featured on The Brothers Brick, BrickVault, LEGO’s social media accounts, and LEGO Masters FOX Season 2. He’s most known for combining advanced techniques in Friendly Magical Spaceships and polytecture sculptures. He’s a regular panelist on YouTube live streams and active in the online LEGO community. All his builds are certified and approved by Small Art Director.

Appearing Friday, and Saturday August 27th, and 28th 2021





Flickr: kanemoto

Its the LEGO Masters

BrickSlopes is pleased to Welcome LEGO Masters from both seasons 1 and 2 of FOX’s hit Show.

We’re not letting the cat (or Brick) out of the bag just yet, so while we wait, Can you guess which LEGO Masters will be joining us this year?

If not, don’t worry, we will be reveling them soon, along with some other virtual guests, direct from Billund Denmark, how to The LEGO Group.

Don’t miss out get your tickets now!

We’re Back, ARE U?

BrickSlopes is proud to return to the Mountain America Expo Center for our 2021 EVENT. After being forced to cancel our 2020 event (Stupid COVID) we hope you are too. But like they say, Good things come to those who wait. And we have some special surprises in store for this year. We don’t want to give anything away but I’ve heard rumors that some of the LEGO MASTERS contestants will be in attendance this year. (A few have been here before, but they weren’t famous yet.

So if you’re quietly, looking for something to do to burn off all that energy you’ve stored up while being cooped up in the house. be sure to join us for our most memorable year yet.

LEGO Designer Laura Perron to appear at BrickSlopes 2020

LEGO Set Designer Laura Perron sits in the inside the LEGO Dots house
LEGO Set Designer Laura Perron sits in the inside the LEGO Dots house

LEGO product designer Laura Perron, will appear at BrickSlopes 2020.

Laura joined the LEGO Group in March 2017 as a Product Designer. She has been working on the development of LEGO DOTS since September 2017. She played a key role in the product development and design as well as in consumer research and testing.

Laura moved to Denmark shortly after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Design, where she specialized in Industrial and Product Design. Laura worked most closely on the designs for the Pineapple Pencil Holder and Rainbow Jewelry Stand LEGO DOTS products.

LEGO DOTS Pineapple Pencil Holder

Laura will participate in a number of public activities at this years event. Including a Q&A session on Friday March 14th, and a Set Signing on Saturday March 15th. So come on out, Learn about the development of this new LEGO them. Ask questions about the life of a LEGO Designer, and get your copy of one of the Sets Laura designed. Sets will be available for purchase at the show, or bring your copy with you.

In addition to these Public Events, Laura will also host a Presentation/Workshop and a Building workshop exclusively for VIB pass holders only.

Get your public tickets now at:

Sign up for a VIB pass here:

BrickSlopes 2020

Utah’s first and only LEGO Fan Event is back for 2020. Whether you’re a long-time LEGO fan, or new, BrickSlopes has something for you. Its all-day LEGO fun.

This year’s event is opened to the public on May 15th, and 16th, with special VIB only access beginning on May 14th. At the Mountian America Expo Center (MAEC) in Sandy Utah ( 9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070 )

There’s so much to do:

Attend Panel discussion presented by our VIB builders on everything from the History of LEGO, to LEGO Star Wars, and Q&A sessions about their builds.

See 24,000 sq. ft. of Custom LEGO Creations Featuring Fan Favorites like Space, Star Wars, DC Comics, Medieval Castles Knights, Trains, City Layouts and More. All 100% Kragle Free!

Build and Play in the BrickPit™, expanded to over One Million LEGO pieces. Use the pieces to create your own creations, and get raffle tickets for a chance to win Daily LEGO Prizes.

Build your own customized race car, and challenge your friends to a race on the track. New this year, The Crash Tracks, smaller, and easier for the little ones, these tracks all meet in the middle for kid-friendly Lego Brick fueled mayhem

Test your feet against our LEGO Fire Walk, Weight is a disadvantage here, so the kids always walk farther than Mom or Dad  (Additional Waiver Required)

Vandalize the “Graffiti” Wall.

Take Your Mini-fig Portrait at the Portrait wall.

Find 20 of the hidden Mini-Kits and Enter to Win our Mini-Kit Prize package.

Guess the Number of LEGO pieces in the Container, closest guess wins.

Bring a fig from home, or Buy one at the event, then trade with others at the event.

Visit the vendors to buy and take home Retired and Hard to Find LEGO Sets. One of a Kind LEGO Accessories, Art, Clothes and Custom Minifigures.

Looking to Show off your own LEGO creation to the crowds, You’ll want one of our VIB Passes, and some free time to set up. Click the Tickets Tab to review the options.