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Susan Earls

Season 2 Contestant on LEGO Masters

Before being a contestant on Season 2 of FOX’s LEGO Masters, Susan was an avid LEGO Fan. She is a member of ULUG, her local LEGO Fan club. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, building LEGO trains, and avoiding meat. She is the Vegan Brickster.


Website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1037254261/custom-lego-vegan-brickster-susan-earls

Instagram: @LEGOMomof2

Mark Cruickshank

Mark Cruickshank Special Guest Announcement

Mark Cruickshank is a construction worker, and independent LEGO builder from Oregon City, Oregon. A LEGO enthusiast growing up, Mark rediscovered his passion for building in 2014 and has won multiple major awards at Pacific Northwest conventions. Mark was a finalist in Season One of LEGO Masters USA, and continues to engage the LEGO community through Instagram and LEGO fan events. When not creating with LEGO, Mark enjoys woodworking, found object art, and spending time with close friends and family.


Instagram: @mecruickshank


LEGO Masters Season 2 contestant Michael Kanemoto (MOTO)

Moto is a LEGO artist from Denver, CO and member of DENLUG.  He exited his Dark Ages in 2016 by restoring sets found at thrift stores. A year later made his first MoC and has continued building to this day. His builds have been featured on The Brothers Brick, BrickVault, LEGO’s social media accounts, and LEGO Masters FOX Season 2. He’s most known for combining advanced techniques in Friendly Magical Spaceships and polytecture sculptures. He’s a regular panelist on YouTube live streams and active in the online LEGO community. All his builds are certified and approved by Small Art Director.

Appearing Friday, and Saturday August 27th, and 28th 2021


Store: MotoMerchMart.com

Instagram: @moto.lego

TikTok: @moto.lego
YouTube: youtube.com/c/motolego

Flickr: kanemoto