August 27th and 28th 2020 – Mountain America Expo Center ( 9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070 )

Show Hours: Friday Noon to 7 pm and Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Special Group Rates available, contact us for details

VIB Tickets are intended for those wishing a unique convention like experience. VIB attendees 12 to 16 must be accompanied by an Adult (18+) who is also a VIB pass holder. Some VIB games require registration, and/or an additional fee, VIB passes do not guarantee space in VIB games. Children under 12 are not permitted, Disrespectful pass holders may be asked to leave, without compensation.

First Time and new attendees are encouraged to review this year AFOL Event Packet

Get access to the show floor, including:
The BrickPit, the Derby Track, Minifig Trading Center, Graffiti Wall, Mini-Kit Hunt, Fly-In Viewing, Public Presentations and Panels, MOC Display area, random prizes, and more! Public tickets are sold online and at the door. kids under 5 are free, with accompanying adult.

Please Note: Online ticket sales are discontinued 1 week before the show, to ensure we can readily serve online ticket holders. Tickets are still available at the door, during the show.

For those looking to engage with LEGO® fans. A limited number of booth spaces are available. Fees depend on the type of business and activity. Additional fees are required for non-LEGO® related* products and services, such as food, and beverage vendors.

COVID-19, and legal NOTICES:

In order to help protect everyone, BrickSlopes 2021 will adhere, and require all attendees to adhere to all local, state, and federal COVID Related guidelines. Failure to follow guidelines, will may result in dismissal from the event. Those who are unable or willing to adhere to such guidelines should not purchase plan to attend.

Some portions of the event, including the “Brick Pit” will be modified to limit the spread of germs.

In the event, that local conditions do not permit BrickSlopes to be held as planned, refunds will be given.

*BrickSlopes respects the intellectual property of IP rights holders. Vendors are not permitted to sell or display products or services which violate the IP rights of others. Additionally, BrickSlopes is a LEGO® fan event, there are no products from competing brick building systems on display or for sale at BrickSlopes Events.

19 thoughts on “Tickets”

  1. If my son is wanting to display his MOC at the Brick Slopes event in May, does he have to have it judged at one of the store events prior to May 3? Or, can he just purchase a VIB ticket and then a display space is assigned to him for May 3 & 4?

    1. There are two ways to get a MOC on display at the show. One is to be selected as a winner at one of the contests held pre-show at one of the Bricks and Minifigs Stores in Utah. Please note that we select only 1 winner per store.
      The second is to purchase a VIB pass. VIB passes are intended for Builders, and are available to LEGO® Fans 12 and older. Additionally, those between 12 and 16 Must be accompanied by an adult to the event, and the adult must also be a VIB pass holder. Check the tickets tab for more details.

  2. Yay! Thank you for offering a 2 day ticket that isn’t twice as expensive as a 1 day ticket. Our family looks forward to this every year.

  3. My husband has made custom Lego sets of different airplanes. If I buy him a limited ticket, will he be able to put out his sets? Do they stay out for the entire event or just while we’re there?

    1. The limited pass only allows display of Starw Wars related sets. If those airplanes were starwars related they would be acceptable.otherwise he would need the VIB Standard Pass

  4. Trying to purchase tickets through here and am unsuccessful.

    I have filled out all fields and I do have a SpinGo account.

    Have tried Chrome and Firefox both no luck

    Please advise

    Thank you

  5. I see I have no response from my post about about ordering tickets online, not very good customer service

    1. Rick,
      I am so sorry about the delay in getting back to you. We get really busy right before a show, sadly, the notifications we get for these posts are not the best.

      If you’d like to look into it still, I would love to help. (maybe useful for the future if you’re still willing to give the show a try next year). You’re also welcome to get tickets at the door.

  6. Are there places here to buy legos and sets? My son is particularly looking for the buildable motorized ones.

    1. At the show, We have no way of knowing, but there are usually one or 2 for sale.

      In general, yes. LEGO® has a wide range of products which are mechanical. You can look for items in the LEGO® Technic, Mindstorms, Boost Lines.
      The Technic sets range in price from $15 USD to $250 in the high end. While the lower cost sets do not include motors, the higher cost ones do. Sometimes it can be a fun challenge to figure out how to motorize a set that wasn’t originally motorized.
      The Mindstorms and Boost lines add programming to the mix, allowing remote, as well as automated functionality to the mix. Mix is the entry-level programming offering, and Mindstorms is the flagship technical product.

  7. If I purchase a Limited VIB ticket now, to possibly Consider upgrading to standard at a later date, am I at risk of any of the “standard” features running out? (Swag bags, display space, etc.) Also, If I discover I am unable to attend, are there any ticket refund options available? Thanks!

  8. No, Swag bags and display space are virtually unlimited. We determine how much table space to make available based on the registered MOCs. We also overproduce swag bags and have never had a problem. Shirts, however, do run out, since they are more costly to produce, we have limited overages on these, and getting the right size further complicates it.

    As to refunds, we try to be fair. We try to refund whatever we can, but there are costs we may have already incurred for you to attend and those we don’t generally refund. (ie the later you cancel, the less is refunded)

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