BrickSlopes 2022

BrickSlopes is pleased to announce our 2022 show dates.

Join us Friday August 26th, and Saturday Aug 27th for Utah’s First, Only, and Best LEGO Fan Event.

Dead Skull Castle by Adam Herendeen, shown at BrickSlopes 2021. Photo By Steve Poulsen

The Kids Block Upgrade

The Kids Block” upgrade gives kids the opportunity to display their LEGO Creation (MOC) at the show along with all of our VIB Builders. The kids Block upgrade includes table space (up to 1 base plate in size), and display card.

A Kids Block upgrade is required for each MOC displayed, regardless of size. Need more space, please purchase additional upgrades.

MOCs larger than 1 square baseplate, require an additional MY MOC upgrade for each additional square baseplate, or portion thereof.

BrickSlopes is not liable for lost or stolen MOCs, Please do not bring monetarily, or emotionally valuable LEGO pieces as part of your MOC

7 thoughts on “BrickSlopes 2022”

    1. This depends. If you want to join a local LEGO club, we recommend ULUG (Utah LEGO Users Group), or NutLUG (Northern Utah LEGO Users Group).
      TO display at the show this year, there are two options. our public Pass has a kids-block display add on, or if you want our VIB passes are intended for LEGO fans who want a convention like experience, hanging out and talking with other LEGO fans. The VIB passes include display space for your custom LEGO builds.

  1. I would love to take my kids to this. However, I’m not finding a location for the event or a way to purchase tickets. Can you help?

  2. Is there any new information on this event? I can’t seem to find anywhere that lists pricing or tickets. The venue redirects to this blog page which feels pretty bare bones

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